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Our journey to becoming a renowned online butcher specializing in halal meat delivery began 30 years ago, on our farm in Texas. This is where we began raising all of our cattle, lamb, and goat. After years of selling our animals to slaughterhouses around the country, we decided to open our very own halal slaughterhouse, located in New Jersey. At this location, we were able to continue providing our pasture raised meats, while including the addition of our Pennsylvania Dutch Chickens. Over the years, we have delivered thousands of halal meat products to distributors, restaurants, and buyers from around the world.

In the early 90's, we opened our butcher shop and have since been servicing North Jersey and New York City areas, delivering premium quality Zabiha Halal meats ever since. We are 100% USDA certified, and 100% certified Zabiha Halal. Our beef, chicken, goat, and lamb are hand slaughtered in accordance with Islamic Law, by our head slaughter man Mohammad.

We are now pleased to announce the Grand Opening of our online butcher store offering halal meat delivery to everyone across the nation. We hope you enjoy, from our family to yours!

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Halal Meat Delivery: Chicken, Beef, Goat, & Lamb | Online Butcher

Our Promise To You...

All Of Our Animals Are

Certified Zabiha Halal

• 100% Grass-Fed 100% Grass-Finished
• 100% All Natural
• Pesticide free
• Hormone free
• Antibiotic free
• Pasture Raised in the USA

Our Farms and Facilities always meet and exceed USDA standards to ensure that you get nothing but the highest quality meat possible.

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We Are Halal

Zabiha refers only to meat products. The term signifies the meat is from animals who were slaughtered in a way permissible by Islamic law. Again, the rulings regarding the killing of animals are actually quite simple. Beyond invoking the name of God at the beginning of the slaughter, careful attention must be paid to ensure that the animal feels as little pain as possible.

In order for meat to be Zabiha Halal certified, the animal must be slaughtered by an adult Muslim. The Muslim should be of a sane mind. As mentioned, they must invoke the name of God before they kill the animal. They then slit the throat in one swift motion, severing the jugular veins, esophagus, and windpipe. The animal must then be allowed to bleed out successfully before the meat is further processed for consumption or distribution.

To highlight the humanity of the zabiha slaughter, it is important to note that the killing of the animal must not be in the presence of the other animal being killed. In addition, the sharpening of the knife cannot be done in the animal’s presence. Allowing the animal to live a happy life before the killing is imperative. It must also be in a comfortable position while its throat is being slit. Also, one must carefully check the knife for any damages that may impact the slaughter, or lead the animal to feel any pain.

Halal Butcher Store specializes in delivering the freshest halal chicken, goat, lamb, and grass fed beef to homes across the United States. Shop our online butcher store and get certified Zabiha Halal meat delivered to your door today!